Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Photographs at a Time: Photos 11-20 (Around the World with Uncle Doug)

Today we celebrate the birthday of the kind, generous, spontaneous, hilarious Uncle Doug. Uncle Doug is the youngest of the four McClelland brothers, my father the oldest. Because he was a teenager when my brother and I were born he's always been more of an older brother than an uncle.

My uncle started his journey in Berlin, when my grandfather was stationed there in the 50s. Every day is an adventure for Doug, and sometimes I'm lucky enough to go along for the ride.

Did they not have color photography when you were born Uncle Doug?
Ever wonder whose job it was to paint these photos? "What do you do sir? Oh I paint rosy cheeks on babies."
This picture is pure awesome. I would ask if you can get this close to the White House now, but I think we all know the answer to that. Also, do the kids visiting the president now wear suits and ties?  
I can't read it, but I think that's a certificate for Best Goggles. (August 1962)

Doug and my Great Grandpa Charles Siemen on his farm in Elizabeth, Illinois. (August 1965)

The back of this says "Doug Halloween" 4th Grade, Urbana, Illinois.
Way to prepare early for the Zombie Apocalypse Uncle Doug. 

That's my uncle far right. Despite it being the 70s there's not much I can pick on him for in this photo.
Where are your bell bottoms, facial hair and giant belt Uncle Doug? (August 29, 1975)

The house that my grandpa and Doug built. Lake of Egypt, Illinois. As much as we all groaned when grandma pulled out her Polaroid camera, I couldn't be more thankful that she documented every day occasions when I see photos like this. 

My uncles with the cool staches. San Diego circa 1987. 

This one says "Leaving Victoria BC on a boat."
I'd like to get my hands on that cool white coat your lady friend is wearing Doug. (May 1976)

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Tai_Fung said...

Again, great shots! The 'stasches on the guys are amazing. Such a different era, but so much of the same kinds of things going on. Get-togethers, fun, and dudes wearing shorts.