Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Adventures of Aimee the Dog: Today's Episode - Doggie Paddle

It was a misty morning at Dog Beach.  Aimee the dog ventured out for a run with her friends on the beach.
Dog Beach

Suddenly she spied her favorite tennis ball in distress floating out to sea.  But who would rescue it?  The ball was so far away, and Aimee had never been swimming.
Come on in...the Water's Fine

Aimee tried to enlist her shaggy dog friends, but they were no help.
Toe's First

*SPLASH* Aimee to the rescue! 
First Swim

Aimee and her ball made their way back safely to shore. 
Tennis Anyone?

What further adventures await Aimee and her tennis ball? Stay tuned 'til next time!

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Shananigan said...

Yay Aimee! Such a smart girl!