Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memories of Christchurch

In 2005 we visited New Zealand, one of the many highlights of our trip was the few days we spent in Christchurch. We stayed at the Warner Hotel with a view from our window of Cathedral Square and the beautiful spire of the Christchurch Cathedral.  The cathedral and it's spire were built well over a hundred years ago, and just a few days ago were destroyed by a 6.3 earthquake.  It's still unknown but it's thought that there may be 20 people trapped in the rubble. My heart goes out to the people of this amazing city as they search for survivors. 

Christchurch Cathedral Spire - Feb 2005 
Christchurch Cathedral Spire

Christchurch Cathedral and Cathedral Square at Night
Cathedral Square at Night

You can read more about the church, learn how you can help, and see pictures of the damage here:

More of my photos of Christchurch

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