Saturday, April 24, 2010

43 Days Left - No Dead Ends

I've found in running that there really is no such thing as a dead end.  Dead ends usually lead to a shortcut or even better a dirt trail and even better a dirt trail with a great view that's also a shortcut. 

The other day I was running my usual route up the hill towards La Jolla Cove and saw a fellow runner turn down a dead end road.  I figured he lived on that the street (lucky bastard), but as I finished my hill climb I saw him reappear up ahead of me.  All this time I was missing the most amazing trail that hugs the La Jolla coastline because I never thought to turn down that dead end road. 

Which leads me to why I'm even writing this post on what was my dead end blog.  A few weeks ago my friend Jenn invited me to attend the I Am Bossy's San Diego (No) Book Tour get-together.  The "what" you ask?  Yes, that's what I said too.  Jenn said "you have a blog, and you're funny (thanks Jenn!) and you should come with me".  "But I don't ever write in my blog" says I.  "Doesn't matter, lurkers are welcome" says J.  Jenn's enthusiasm was contagious - how could I not go? 

Basically it was a get together of a group of creative, smart, people (with sexy shoes) who have two things in common - they are bloggers and they love Bossy.

Maybe it was the margaritas, but it really energized and inspired me.  Maybe, just maybe people will want to read the thoughts I feel compelled to get out of my head, and if they don't maybe I just want to write them down anyway.  So thank you Jacquie, Christina, Matthew, Debbie, Kelly, Melanie, and our wonderful hostess Jenn, of course my pal lurker Jenn for leading me down the trail with an amazing view down a road I thought was a dead end. (we'll just have to wait and see if it's a shortcut too). 

Next up - Katy and Jenn get ready to run the La Jolla Half Marathon on day 41!


Scott Riggs said...

Nice post. I feel inspired...and unaccomplished.

KatyMcC said...

thanks Scott - you do stuff, lots of stuff. running is for crazy people anyway :)