Friday, September 7, 2012

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

I went back again to my favorite antique store, and had no problem finding more Disturbing Antique Store Treasures.

Is the little girl supposed to be looking at the birds or is she just doing the birds evil bidding?
AKA put a bird on it. 

Wins the prize for: Most strategic use of a price tag.

So if I get this book I can learn how to make these wonderful crocheted collars, but where oh where can I learn how to make the matching hat and gloves?

Modern really goes without saying doesn't it? I mean it's obvious with the use of robot font. Proves that at one time, everything is modern before its retro.

It's not the surfing monkey that's odd about this framed photo - it's that Matt le Blanc is wearing jeans surfing. I mean, who does that? 
 *Shudder* So. Disturbing.

Poodle ashtrays almost make me want to take up smoking while holding a poodle, in a poodle skirt.

Look close, you thought this was a cool card clock on velvet in a frame, but you see they're Budweiser cards. No, I won't go back and get it for you. 

Looks like Santa is "Heading for a Heart Attack"

The orginal Snoop Dogs. Okay these aren't disturbing, I just wanted to use that line.

Hey whatcha doin? Oh just floating on a cloud with viking ships, of course, that's what giant baby heads do.

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