Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Run (AKA Let's Burn Some Calories to Make Way for Pumpkin Pie)

My favorite time to run is the hour before sunset. So in the winter when sunset is at 4:30 it's rare that I get out of work in time to run when I really want. Which is why I LOVE the day before Thanksgiving. We close the office at 3pm and I head out the door to get a nice long run in before sunset.

Today I did a loop from the Shores to UCSD and to have an excuse to rest, I decided to take a photo at every mile.
Mile 1: New Lifeguard Station.  Lovely isn't it?  Look ma, no filters needed on this photo.

Mile 2: Bridge Over (River) Shores

Mile 3: 5 MPH Not a Problem, That's My Favorite Pace!

Mile 4: Power Lines.

Mile 5: Just in Time - Finished at Sunset

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