Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 15 - Wells, Nevada to San Ramon, CA to Cerritos, CA

We made it to California Friday afternoon and quickly came to the conclusion that out of the 12 states that we drove through California has the worst roads of all. We felt like we were ol' west settlers in a covered wagon on a wagon trail.

Our plan was to stop at friends/family in the bay area for the night, and in the morning pick up a bike (yes, that's right another bike) that Geoff had bought from someone in San Ramon.

The drive was really beautiful, through the mountains and through the beautiful golden hills of California.
We picked up the bike (an unrestored Triumph Cub) and decided that after 15 days on the road we were ready to come home. So we drove through the night to LA. It wasn't bad at all, we alternated naps (that's the great part about an RV!) made it in about 2am.

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