Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 10 - Heading home, Ohio to Urbana Illinois

We packed up the motorhome and bikes into the trailer picked up the pups from the kennel (they were very excited to see us) and headed east for the first time in 10 days!

Not much to report - it was only a six hour drive to my grandmother's house in Urbana, Illinois. Sorry Jenn, the only wildlife we've been seeing besides squirrels is roadkill of all shapes and sizes. I didn't think you'd want a picture of that.

My iPhone does take some kinda cool pics out the window when you're driving. The pictures are distorted so everything looks a little Dr. Seuss-like.

The only other amazing thing we saw was gas at $3.66. The cheapest yet. G and I decided that California gas must be so expensive so that people in the rest of the country don't mind paying a dollar less than us, no matter what the price is. "Lookie here - those Californy fools are payin $4.60 a gallon, we're only payin $3.66, filler up buddy!"


Anonymous said...

My favorite part isn't the price of gas, its' the sign that reads "We have Krispie Kreme donuts."

KatyMcC said...

what's a road trip without donuts?

looks like we will be getting closer to your hometown than i thought. we've decided to take the northern route home on the I80.