Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 Days - 20 Miles!

Saturday was our longest training run before the big day - 20 miles around Mission Bay.  I felt good for most of the run until mile 18, I started slowing down and feeling every painful step.  2 more miles seemed like a lifetime. 

Luckily my running pal sensed me going to the dark side and started telling me why mile 18 was the best of all.  The fresh air, the yellow flowers, the cool breeze, he told me to listen for the cheering fans and the big band waiting at the finish. 

It worked, I picked up the pace and felt like I could actually make it to the end.  As we ran towards the finish I thought could actually hear the fans cheering, and to my astonishment I could.  The people who had finished the run earlier were waiting at the end, cheering us on, they put their arms up and we ran under through the ribbon "finish line".  The best part - they had a cooler with otter pops!  Best otter pop I ever ate. 

After 4 marathons I feel the most prepared for this one, I know it won't be easy but if I can pick up the pace at the end I may make my 5 hour goal, and while I won't have time to stop and smell the flowers just thinking of them will make me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, you are going to make your goal no problem! And I plan on being there to make sure you can smell the flowers AND hear the bands. You are ready...! Don't think otherwise. This is your year!! --Jenn