Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 13 - Lincoln, Nebraska to Cheyenne, Wyoming

So far we've been pretty lucky finding RV parks when we're not staying with friends or family. I've been mapping the route on my iPhone, and then doing a search on camping or RV camping and seeing what's close to where we want to stop for the night. As long as the place can be found online, and has a web site with halfway decent pictures, I figure it can't be that bad!

We decided we wanted to stay near Cheyenne, Wyoming and I found this place - Terry Bison Ranch.

It was part RV park, part animal farm, part railroad, part exotic animal petting zoo and part ol' western town complete with a herd o' bison. And all parts all a little run down. In other words it was the perfect place to take pictures, especially with the amazing Wyoming BIG SKY in the background. There are two many pics to post on this blog, so if you're interested in seeing my pics including all of my extreme animal close ups feel free to check out my flikr photo gallery.


Anonymous said...

It took me a REALLY long time to figure out what the picture was...I mean what animal. I am thinking pig's nose?


KatyMcC said...

Ha, yes, it's a really dirty pig's nose! I should have taken video, if you heard the snorting you would have figured it out right away!