Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 6 - Steeleville, Illinois

No traveling today, we made it just in time to celebrate my grandfather's 92nd birthday! My grandma fried catfish and we ate that along with baked beans and potato salad, yum! Grandma comfort food is the best. Later on we toasted to my grandpa with a highball of Crowne Royal over ice.

At 92 and 90 my grandparents do pretty well, they still live in their own house and my grandma still drives. The only accidents that she's ever head are when people talking on their cell phones run into her.

Had to take a picture of my grandparent's favorite beer for Brandon :) if you look closely you can see my grandma enjoying a frosty beverage in the background.

I finally went for a run. The town is only 1.2 miles long, which makes it difficult to run any distance without running back and forth on the same road and if you leave town you'd be on a blacktop with not much shoulder, kinda scary. But it was nice to get out after sitting for so long.

Day 7 we're heading to our final destination - since Kent reminded me, I'd better dust off my leather chaps, leather bra and skull covered do (dew?) rags so i'm good and ready for the motorcycle filled weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I totally heart your grandparents!